What kind of consulting do you do?!

My approach to consulting namely looks liked skilled facilitation and training supporting your organization and community to deepen and broaden the impact your work has to end oppression and the suffering attached to it. Oftentimes the work of ending racism, gender-based discrimination, and fighting for the rights of oppressed people comes at the peril of healthy organizations and relationships. The work to end the outward suffering requires a deep commitment to also ensuring that the oppressive structures don’t also impact the internal functioning of organizations and communities. Social Justice Consulting can help to not only strengthen the outcomes of your work, but to also address tensions and struggles that exist within organizations and communities. Working with me as a consultant also allows for necessary outside perspective and support towards addressing what can feel insurmountable. Unlike corporate consulting, this work is not meant to create a dependent relationship but rather values interdependence and skill building from within.


“Lisa Marie’s co-facilitation was critical to the success of our first ever national gathering of people in the sex trade from criminalized communities. She was responsive to our changing needs and resources, grounded in our concrete realities while always helping us stay focused on the bigger picture. She skillfully employed a warm sense of humour and careful planning to invite people to engage in difficult conversations with candidness, lightness and respect. Lisa Marie’s facilitation helped guide us into doing effective work together despite enormous differences in our group members’ experiences and backgrounds.This is why we brought her in all the way to Toronto–she has that unusual combination of facilitation experience and social justice grounding that we needed–and she’s a pleasure to work with!”  –Past Client Testimonial