Lisa Marie Alatorre, MA is a community organizer, educator, and writer with over 20 years professional work experience from a PIC Abolition and anti-oppression movement building framework. Born and raised in Peoria, Arizona, she is currently based out of rural Washington state. She is a Queer Femme of Indigenous, Mexican, and Jewish descent.

As a social justice consultant, she has worked with many different organizations around the United States that span the many sectors of our radical movements to end oppression and violence. Her experience as a consultant has included organizational approaches to dismantling white supremacy culture, integrating anti-oppression values and action steps in strategic planning, using anti-oppression and social justice as approaches to policy development and advocacy, and traditional campaign planning and evaluation for coalitions and grassroots organizations.

She was formally trained in Public Policy and Community Organizing through her Master’s degree program at the University of Chicago. She learned many of her skills towards being Trauma-Informed and utilizing Harm Reduction as a social worker in Seattle and Chicago by working with street-based and homeless adults and youth. As an organizer and policy advocate in California and the Bay Area, she learned the critical need for intentionally integrating values and practices of social justice into campaigns and policy wins. Lisa Marie currently works as an educator and writer, bringing together her many years of dynamic work into cohesive and accessible workshops and lectures for various education levels.

Lisa Marie’s work as a social worker, community organizer, and policy advocate have had direct impacts on preserving the rights of Black, Indigenous, & other people of color and homeless & poor people locally and nationally, including fighting back criminalization, incarceration, and demanding housing and basic needs. She has formally worked as a community organizer with movement organizations such as Critical Resistance, the San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness, and the Transformative Justice Law Project in Chicago. She has served and continues to serve many boards, working groups, and steering committees related to the anti-violence movement, decarceration and alternatives to incarceration, and direct service organizations.

Her long list of passions include voraciously reading, cooking+baking, community building and repairing, making/altering clothes, gardening and permaculture, volunteering, learning, writing, parenting, and media-making.

To contact Lisa Marie, email her at: lisa.alatorre[at]