Consulting Services

“Lisa Marie did an amazing job designing the training to be relevant and useful for our group. She was very well prepared, had lots of great visuals, and was engaging.” –Carey Fay-Horowitz, Executive Director, Bay Area Girls Rock Camp

Lisa Marie is a skilled coach, trainer, and facilitator in the following areas:

  • Anti-Oppression, Prison Abolition, Transformative Justice, Restorative Justice, and Racial Justice workshops;
  • Organizational Development & Capacity Building;
  • Strategic Planning and Long-Term Visioning;
  • Campaign Planning;
  • Policy Development and Trainings;
  • Personal Leadership Development and Coaching, particularly for queer and trans and People of Color leaders;
  • Direct Service Frameworks: Harm Reduction, Restorative Justice, Trauma-Informed, Anti-Oppression, Verbal De-Escalation.

Lisa Marie centers the following approaches and principles:

  • Anti-Oppression;
  • Harm Reduction;
  • Transformative Justice;
  • Trauma-Informed Frameworks.

To book Lisa Marie or ask questions about services, email her at:

 “I really enjoyed her style of training and how intentional she was to make sure that everyone’s voice was heard.” –Workshop Participant