Published Work



  • Voices of Recyclers – Documentary  – San Francisco has been evicting and shutting down recycling centers throughout the city. This is a short video documenting the voices and perspectives of the individuals who we rely on to keep our city clean and green. For more information or to get involved in the campaign to STOP the evictions, visit
  • BART Police Targeting Homeless Individuals+Families in SF documentary – Documentary – The BART Police Department has been embattled almost since its inception, with bad publicity flowing directly from poor decisions and horrific incidents. We are facing an unprecedented housing crisis in San Francisco. Mothers with their children are being forced to sleep at the Civic Center station while waiting six months for proper shelter. People are so desperate for a place to sleep, free of harassment, they are sneaking into elevator shafts and down train tunnels, literally risking their lives to get some rest. Instead of recognizing the crisis and coming up with effective solutions, BART has chosen the tried and failed route of rousting, citing and arresting. Criminalizing homelessness will not end homelessness! For more information, contact the Coalition On Homelessness,